Is Your dog Having Digestive Problems? Then Use Hills prescription diet i/d dog food

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Published: 08th July 2010
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If your dog is having digestive problems then feeding him or her with Hills prescription diet i/d dog food can help. There are several reasons why your dog experiences digestive problems. It can be due to the lack of adequate digestive enzymes, allergic reactions to food, or poor feeding habits. If any of these three exists then digestive problems will naturally occur. Digestive problems impair digestion and you know very well that proper digestion is important in order to keep your dog healthy.

dogs with poor digestion are prone to sickness and other illnesses because they are not getting the right amount of nutrients from the food they are eating. The Hills prescription diet i/d dog food is a dog food that made to provide dogs with digestive problems the nutrition they need.

If it is your first time to use Hills prescription diet i/d dog food it is naturally for you to have second thoughts. To help you understand why your dog needs this kind of pet food, here is a short list of the benefits your dog can enjoy from eating Hills prescription diet i/d dog food.

a. The Hills prescription diet i/d dog food contains easy to digest protein and fat. Protein and fat are needed for faster tissue repair, immediate and equal distribution of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

b. To maintain gastrointestinal health the fibre found in Hills prescription diet i/d dog food comes from different sources.

c. The well-balanced nutrients in Hills prescription diet i/d dog food will help replenish lost energy and help your dog recover faster from illnesses.

d. The Hills prescription diet i/d dog food also contains high levels of antioxidants that help boost the immune system to make your canine resistant to different types of infection.

The feeding part may prove to be a challenge. There is a great chance that your dog will refuse to eat his or her new dog food. Feeding your dog properly is important especially when they are having digestive problems. To help you with that you might want to use some of these techniques:

a. If you are not sure how much of Hills prescription diet i/d dog food you should give your dog, you can always refer to the feeding guide provided. This feeding guide helps you determine how much of this new dog food should you give your dog. Remember that different dogs also have different needs. Refer to the chart accordingly.

b. If you are dog refuses to eat, you might want to try to mix the Hills prescription diet i/d dog food with his or her old food.

c. To make it easier for your dog you can split the recommended daily amount into smaller portions and use these portions to feed your dog the whole day. Small frequent feedings are ideal for dogs with digestive problems.

d. Be careful. Do not overfeed your dog, this is not good for them.

dogs are like humans too and digestive problems are nothing new. Digestive problems can make your dog malnourished. Do not let this happen and feed your dog with Hills prescription diet i/d dog food on a regular basis.

If you notice your dog is starting to get digestive problems then it is time to change his or hers dog food. By changing to Hills Prescription Diet i/d you are safe in the knowledge that this is a food designed for digestive problem and is designed to ensure digestive problems are no more.

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