Dog Wee, how to stop it staining lawns.

Published: 17th June 2010
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Many canine pet owners will find useful information here regarding the control of bald yellow patches in their lawns created by dog urine of great interest, something very simple but yet so effective.

Using dog rocks can be a viable solution to an age old problem facing pet owners, who desire beautiful lawns along with loving pets. Unfortunately, canine pets have been creating a nuisance for there owners by forming unsightly yellow patches in the front lawns with their urin.

An ingenious way to curb this occurrence and return the lushness to your lawns in a matter of a few weeks, is by using mineral enriched dog rocks. Stones used as Dog rocks contain traces of zeolite in it. What this mineral does is, it discards away the ammonia and nitrate compounds from the water by filtering the elements out. Zeolite is many a times used in fish aquariums to perform a similar function. The result is that when the dog drinks the water from a container placed with a dog rock, it is actually consuming water with a slightly lowered level of Nitrogen. Consequently, when it urinates, the liquid contains lesser Nitrogen density than usual, thus protecting the grass on the lawns from burning out. Please note that it is just a marginal discrepancy, but enough to generate the desired results in most cases.

However, in many cases, it also depends on the type of grass under attack. Some grass varieties which are very fine and delicate can be quite sensitive, and in spite of all your efforts with dog rocks, they might still burn due to dog urine. Nowadays however, a lot of turf dealers are using tougher grass varieties. The major influence is always the heavy presence of Nitrate compounds in dog urine. If your canine pet has a high protein diet, it will amplify the nitrogen content in their urine, because when proteins break down in the body, they release various nitrogen compounds. Dog Rocks absorbs enough amounts of nitrates from the water for it to produce the desired results. Reversely, Dog Rocks become quite ineffective in case a dog is fed very high protein meals on a regular basis, like red meat raw.

Dog rocks are the fastest, easiest, cheapest and the most natural way to get a hold on this problem. The only other feasible alternative is to water your lawn immediately after your pet has urinated on a frequent basis. Many pet owners believe that the burn marks are caused due to the p/h balance in the urine of the dogs. The fact is, increasing or decreasing the acid content of urine will hardly have any effect on the grass. Actually, it can be quite perilous for the p/h balance to be changed, because it can result in various side effects in the pets like stone formations in the bladder or kidneys. Dog Rocks do not tamper with the p/h balance.

Dog Rocks are a convenient and safe solution to your lawn burning issues caused by dog wee. They do not need to be replaced for at least a couple of months. You just need to make sure that your dog has no other source for drinking water, like a nearby water body, and dog rocks should work like a charm for you.

If you have a problem with your dog creating patches on the lawn then use dog rocks. You can find many dog rocks reviews on line with satisfied customers across the globe.

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